A Fresh Start: Back-to-School Organization Ideas

Summer break has been a blast, but there's a unique excitement in the air as we prepare for the new school year ahead. The past few months have flown by in a whirlwind of beach days, sunsets, enjoying friends and lazy afternoons. From exciting adventures to quiet moments, we've cherished every bit of this summer. But now, with Back-to-School upon us, we're embracing the transition from carefree days to a more structured routine.

As parents, we're ready for the shift. There's something exciting about the back-to-school vibe—a sense of renewal and anticipation. It's not just the kids who get a fresh start; our home and we ourselves are due for a reset (anyone else?). We're looking forward to welcoming a more organized and productive atmosphere back into our daily routines! Because let's face it, a lot of the schedules you have throughout the year, go out the window during summer (at least at our house it seems that way!).

So, here's to a fresh start—to the scent of new notebooks, new school supplies, exciting experiences, and the joy of learning. As we head into the new year school year, let's make the most of this transition and create a space where inspiration thrives and daily life flows seamlessly.

As the school year approaches, it's time to transform your home into a space that promotes productivity, communication, and *hopefully* stress-free mornings. Whether you're a parent or a student, these Back-to-school organization ideas will help you kick off the new school year on the right foot.

1. Homework Stations 

Creating a designated homework station can work wonders for focus and productivity. We know this can be anywhere from the dining room table to a desk space in their room. Choose a space where your child can dive into assignments without distractions. For our teenagers they like having their own space in their rooms but for our little guy he likes to do his homework at the kitchen table which is totally fine because he still needs our help, and we are always around. Personalize the space with motivational quotes or their favorite artwork. Keep supplies like notebooks, pens, and a desk organizer handy. The idea is to have a space that is designated for homework and what works for your family.

Home office with two brown chairs and wooden desk top with blue-green cabinets

Monika Hibbs

Home office workstation with 2 brown leather chairs and workstations


Magnolia homework desk station with wooden chair and small desk


2. Central Command Center: Your Family's Information Hub

With the new school year comes new schedules and activities which seem to change each year based on the ages of your kids. Sometimes (ok, most times) this gets overwhelming trying to keep up with ALL the to do lists of school and life! Stay on top of everyone's schedules and keep communication flowing with a central command center or drop zone. Set up a bulletin board, chalkboard or acrylic calendar to display school events, appointments, and grocery lists. Hang a family calendar where each member's activities are color-coded for easy tracking. Find what works for your family and adapt to what is working for you!

Blesser House command center with pegboard, key holder, clock and acrylic calendar

Bless'er House

Home command center aesthetic pink with clock, acrylic calendar and bench

Modern Command Center

3. Declutter Your Space 

Before the school year kicks off, declutter common areas to create a serene environment. Sort through closets, desks, bonus rooms, and storage spaces. Also sort through all the paperwork and artwork from last school year that you might have just forgot about on the last day of school. Donate or toss items that are no longer needed. Set up areas that your kids can empty their backpacks of artwork and try to stay on top of keeping it organized throughout the year. You can create folders or bins that you can organize their most important pieces to look back on.

4. Mastering Smooth Morning Routines

Start each day with ease by establishing efficient morning routines. Lay out outfits, pack backpacks, and prep lunchboxes the night before. Designate a spot near the door for important items like permission slips and sports gear. Implement a morning routine to ensure nothing is forgotten in the rush.

With these Back-to-school organization ideas, you're on your way to a successful Back-to-School season. From inspiring homework stations to coordinated calendars, these strategies will help your family navigate busy days with ease. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to "organized chaos"(as we like to call it) and a stress-free school year!


Back to school organization with desks, acrylic calendars, chair and command center

Hope these tips help keep your transition back to a schedule seamless! 

Saul + Lynnae 


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