Cozy Cabin in Lake Arrowhead- Our New Tradition

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are filled with gratitude as we head into the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! A few weeks before Thanksgiving we enjoyed some time at a cabin Lake Arrowhead. The views were breathtaking, and we were able to slow down and soak in some memories with the kids before the busyness of the holiday season begins!

The fall colors, orange and red trees were beautiful and it's a quick escape where you can soak in the crisp fall air and the breathtaking views. It's where slowing down will now become one of our traditions right before Thanksgiving.

Lake Arrowhead provides an idyllic backdrop for a weekend getaway. It's a short drive from the hustle and bustle of life, and this charming place let's you soak in the relaxation and mountain air! Timing is everything, and a weekend getaway to Lake Arrowhead right before Thanksgiving allowed us to see all the vibrant colors of fall in all their glory (as we don't get too much foliage down by the So Cal beach communities). The stunning fall views reminded us to slow down and savor the moment.

We didn't do much other than cozy up by the fireplace, read books, played board games and watched movies all while soaking in this view! Sometimes this is all you need to refresh your soul! 

In the midst of the pre-holiday hustle, a weekend getaway to Lake Arrowhead became more than just a mini getaway—it will now become a tradition we hope to do every year! This is a good reminder to take a moment to slow down before the whirlwind of the holiday season begins. We can't wait to go back during winter to experience the snowy days again! 

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